Is your PR agency hiding journalist contact details?

The job of a (good) PR is not just to ensure a client’s name is featured in the press. It’s to build relationships between specific journos and the client so eventually, they can cut the PR out altogether!

Getting hold of media contacts can be like pulling teeth

Inevitably, this makes some PRs turn pale at the thought of waving goodbye to their monthly retainer and they’ll hide media contact names and email addresses to make the client dependent on them for as long as possible.

That’s not how we work. We enjoy introducing clients and journos who we know would be useful to each other, which develops trust among all parties. The client’s happy to refer us to other businesses and the journo turns to us when they need help.

This is precisely what happened with our old client, Dental Suite. Working over a period of several months, we helped to develop a relationship between this chain of dental surgeries in the West Midlands and Metro newspaper.

Now, without any input from us, Metro turns to Dental Suite for advice on most, if not all their dental articles. Result!

It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes effort and fast response on all sides – but the benefits of such a relationship can be enormous.


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