Small business PR packages

About to launch your product and need to shout about it? Perhaps you’d like  more consistent, continuous PR activity or are simply looking for opportunities as and when they arise?

Many clients come to us having already had discussions with PR agencies.  We often hear how inflexible they are with regards to approach, and fees quoted are sometimes enough to make your eyes water!

My team has worked with hundreds of start-ups and small businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout the last decade and during that time, we’ve grown to understand your particular needs and limitations. With that in mind, Claire Shiels Media can offer four very unique PR packages – one of which will suit you and your business perfectly, in whichever industry you operate.

Level 1 – Opportunity PR (over 12 weeks)

Ideal for small businesses on a very restricted budget, or if your news is  a bit thin on the ground!

Although we won’t actively be pitching you to the press, rest assured the opportunities to get you or your company’s name in the media are still there!

From the dozens of requests we receive from journalists each day, each one will be carefully analysed to see whether you’d be able to provide a product, comment or case study to match that particular request.  In this way, dozens of clients have found themselves mentioned in the likes of Daily Mail, Sunday Times and glossy publications.

If a media request sounds like it would be perfect for your business, we’ll run it past you before we respond to the media contact.  If we’re successful and you’re included in the feature, you’ll simply be charged a £350 flat inclusion fee.  No subscription, no retainer, no hidden extras.

Expected deliverables*:

At least one press cutting over the 12 week period.

Level 2 – Payment By Results (10 hours per month over 12 weeks)

Subscription for this package is £250 for a period of three months, followed by a review.  An additional flat fee of £350 is added once one or more press cuttings are generated for that month.

Expected deliverables*:

At least 5 press cuttings across agreed titles over the period.

Level 3 – Ultimate Focus PR (10 hours over 12 weeks)

My Ultimate Focus PR clients can expect a first class, personal service based on the best training, experience, support and media relationships out there.  For 10 hours each month over 12 weeks, rest assured we’ll be working hard to place you in your target titles; helping you to achieve your PR objectives.

Subscription for this package is a fixed fee of £500 per month for a period of three months, followed by a review.

Expected deliverables*:

At least 5 press cuttings over the period.

Level 4 – Backlinks PR (over 12 weeks)

We can help to increase the number of backlinks to your site by providing first class, targeted content to influential media sites. We’re ploughing a great deal of resource into researching these sites and generating considerable commotion within in the industry, with other PRs flocking to buy our information.

For £500 per month over three months, our target will be to secure at least six links from key media sites.


*Disclaimer: Claire Shiels Media can demonstrate consistent results for clients and is happy to provide recent clippings and testimonials. However, as with all PR, editorial can never be guaranteed. The deliverables stated on this site are purely realistic targets based on past experience and should not be used as a basis for refund.