PR promotion for new clients in healthcare, wellness, fitness & aesthetic beauty

We’re celebrating the agency’s ten year anniversary with a rebrand!

Following our fantastic nationwide success with clients in the healthcare, wellness, fitness and aesthetic beauty sectors over the last decade, we’ve taken the step of creating specialist teams to support clients specifically in those industries.

But we’re not stopping there.

Throughout June, we’re also offering new clients a “taster month” so you can see for yourself how effective we are at securing national publicity for our client brands.  For a one-off fee of only £399, we will work to place you in at least one high profile national newspaper, magazine or online site – regardless of whether you’re a household name or a startup.

So, if you are the UK’s premier DNA testing laboratory; a chain of dental practices; a Harley Street cosmetic surgery group; a life coach; the founder of a healthcare app, a medical research team or a firm of personal trainers (hint: we’ve worked with all of these), drop me a line at and we’ll discuss how we can get you into the UK press.

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