How does my pay by results publicity service work?

I'm contacted by dozens of journalists each day from broadsheets, tabloids, magazines and broadcast.


1.  A request regarding a potentially suitable angle arrives from a national newspaper

2.  You decide that either the angle or the title isn't for you

3.  We agree that it's not suitable and simply move on - no fees paid


1.  A request regarding a potentially suitable angle arrives from a magazine

2.  You tell me that you'd love to be considered

3.  I contact the journalist

4.  If the journalist is also interested, I work between the two of you to ensure content is received on time.  You may be asked to email advice, have a phone interview or, in the case of gift suggestions, provide details and an image

5.  Only when you are mentioned in print, on air or online, will you be invoiced a fixed fee of £199.

Please note:  I am unable to guarantee that you will be the only expert used in a piece or that a backlink will be given, although I am happy to give advice in advance where I can.  The success fee is fixed at £199 regardless of the number of your words used by the journalist and I have no control over final content.  Agreements are for a set period of six months.  Credit terms are 7 days and there are no subscription fees.

You may instead prefer to adopt a more traditional monthly retainer approach where I proactively create angles and content for you - driving publicity, rather than relying on incoming requests.  Please do request a quote.  


Retainers are for a fixed period of six months:

1.  We agree a target number of pieces over the six months period

2.  You will be invoiced 50% up front - simply ask me for a quote

3.  If the target is not reached at the end of six months, there are no additional fees

4.  If the target is reached or exceeded at the end of six months, the other 50% will be invoiced

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