I receive dozens of requests from media each day, looking for:
* Specific products & services
* Quotes
* Professional advice
* Case studies
* Individual stories 
Once I know one of them may be suitable for you as a client, I'll let you know.
Not interested in that title or angle?  No problem.
If you are interested however, I will act as the intermediary between you and the journalist - ensuring they receive the necessary information, imagery or sample required, on time.  Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to make direct contact and I will arrange that if requested.  All you need to do is just sit back and wait to see yourself or your products on air, in print or online!
You'll only be invoiced once the piece has actually appeared.
Where have I placed clients over the last decade?
The titles really are too numerous to mention!  However, they include:
The Times
Elite Business
Pick Me Up
This Morning
The Gadget Show
The Sun
Daily Mirror
LBC Radio
BBC Radio & TV
Daily Mail
The Guardian
Daily Telegraph
Woman & Home
Good Housekeeping
Success fees £499 per feature
Got a piece of news you'd like to promote whilst on this package?  A press release can be written and distributed directly to targeted journalists for a one-off fee of £350.