No up front fees or monthly retainer.  Just pay when a link is given on a national press or authority site.  6 months' agreement.

How it works:

A national journalist will email me, asking for an expert comment.  I will only forward the request to you if I believe a link would be secured.  If you're interested, I'll send over your content to the journalist.  I will only invoice you once your name and brand or company has appeared, on the basis that a link is also given.  If not, you pay nothing.


How much?

£299 each mention


1.  I am unable to guarantee that you will always be the only expert quoted 

2.  I am unable to guarantee that a link will be given, although I will focus particularly on such opportunities and you will only pay if a link is included

3.  I am unable to guarantee coverage on specific sites - although I will always try!

4.  I have no control over final content

5.  Credit terms are 7 days