No up front fees or monthly retainer.  Just pay when you've appeared in the national press.  6 months' agreement.

How it works:

A national journalist will email me, asking for an expert comment.  I'll forward the request to you and if you're interested, will send over your content to the newspaper, magazine or website.  I will only invoice you once your name and brand or company has appeared.

How much?

£199 each mention


1.  I am unable to guarantee that you will be the only expert used

2.  I am unable to guarantee that a back link will be given, although I am happy to give advice in advance where I can

3.  The success fee is fixed, regardless of the number of words used in the piece

4.  I have no control over final content

5.  Credit terms are 7 days

6.  Please be prepared to respond to requests quickly - turnaround can often be as little as 2 hours